Enjoying the Beauty of God’s Creation

This past week we had the gift of getting to see one of our dream destinations: Yellowstone National Park. 🙂 It truly was a gift from God! The beauty and variety of His creation in the park was amazing. There is a lot to see in Yellowstone so we ended up driving a lot to get to all the sites. There was a small chunk of time when Ian and Ivy were both napping in the car, so I took that time to sit next to one of the boiling bubbling lakes and just ENJOYED the beauty God made for us. That was my favorite moment in Yellowstone. 🙂 I wanted to simply share some of our pictures with you today. Isn’t God kind to give us such incredible beauty to enjoy!

California Trip 331.JPG

California Trip 206.JPG

California Trip 139.JPG

“How many are your works, O LORD! In wisdom you made them all, the earth is full of your creatures.” Psalm 104:24

California Trip 144.JPG

California Trip 243.JPG

California Trip 573.JPG

California Trip 289.JPG

Old Faithful

California Trip 603.JPG

It is wonderful how much variety there is in God’s creation, we had never seen geysers, boiling pots of sulfur, bison or elk before. On this trip we took through America, we saw so many different landscapes. I am amazed at how creative God is.

God’s creation is meant to point us back to the Creator Himself so that we will worship Him. A few good questions to ask as you look at the beauty around you in nature are:

What does this part of creation tell me about God? How does it turn my heart to worship Him?

The mountains I saw remind me of the majesty of God, and my smallness compared to Him. I am also encouraged by His kindness in making so much beauty for my eyes to see. I feel close to God when I am surrounded by the beauty of His creation, and I’m so thankful that He gave me the chance to explore this amazing part of America in Yellowstone National Park!



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