Trusting God’s Sovereignty In My Life.

When things happen outside of my plans, and what I thought was best for my life…I have two choices. I can either get really frustrated, angry that my plans are not working out…or I can choose to trust that God’s purpose is best for me and that He ultimately is in control.

Do I resist God’s purposes or do I trust that He is in control and accept what He may bring into my life?

“Many are the plans in a man’s heart, but it is the LORD’s purpose that prevails.” Proverbs 19:21

I remember a time when our plans to go overseas were delayed. At the time it was frustrating and humbling, but later on I could see more clearly purposes that God had for us through that “delay”. It helps me to look back and remember God’s trustworthiness.

More recently, we headed to California for my husband to rack up hang gliding hours. We thought that in a months time, he would be able to get lots of flying time in. After three days of hang gliding, he had a rough landing and badly twisted his right shoulder muscle. So there went our plan of getting lots of hang gliding hours this month in CA! At first I was thinking, “Why God? What is going on here?” Then God gently reminded us through others that His purposes for this time in CA are obviously different than ours. And Gods keeps reminding me to trust Him, regardless of my circumstances.

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God’s purposes for our time in CA are not the purposes I had in mind. But I can trust that somehow they are the best for us and that He will use them to grow us closer to Him and bring Him glory. Already I can see glimpses of the good He is bringing through Ian not being able to hang glide right now. The two biggest things are: 1.We have both been able to have more time to spend with God and to do things we love to do. 2. We have been able to have so much good time together as a family. What a gift both of these things have been to us!

“Purposefulness requires paying attention, and paying attention means–almost by definition–that we make room for surprise. We become hospitable to interruption. I doubt we can notice for long without this hospitality. And to sustain it we need theological touchstones for it–a conviction in our bones that God is Lord of our days and years, and that his purposes and his presence often come disguised as detours, messes, defeats.”

“Acknowledge that every moment you receive is God’s sheer gift. Resolve never to turn it into a possession. What you receive as a gift you must be willing to impart as a gift. Invite God to direct your paths, to lead you in the way everlasting; be open to holy interruption, divine appointment…Surrender to his purpose with gladness. Vow not to resist or resent it.”

Mark Buchanan, The Rest Of God

As I process these paragraphs, I think of how often when God interrupts my plans, to work His plan in my life instead, I do see them as detours. I am often disappointed or frustrated.

Delay in going overseas, leaving a life overseas for something totally different, waiting longer that I had hoped for a baby, living in America already so much longer than I expected…all these things were not what I would have planned. Thankfully, God is bigger and His ways are higher than mine. I can trust Him. He has a good track record of taking care of His kids. When I look back I can see more clearly He had good purposes in the things I would have viewed as delays, detours, or even as failures.

“Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.” Proverbs 3:5-6

I am thankful for the opportunity through this blog, to process these things with you! I’m learning through all the different circumstances of my life to trust God. He’s got this, He’s got me!

Is there anything happening in your life that seems like an interruption to your plans? Are you choosing to trust God and accept His purposes or are you resisting God and what He has for you through these circumstances? I’ve been in both places, believe me.

I can have less stress and be more at rest when I am actually trusting that God is Sovereign, that He is good, and that He is loving.  Even in pain, frustration or disappointment when things don’t go as I had hoped or planned, God is still trustworthy. I can still choose to trust Him.



One thought on “Trusting God’s Sovereignty In My Life.

  1. Mark Stevenson says:

    This is so good Jessica! So much truth in these simple statements. Rich, rich and rich. Looking forward to catching up with you guys…


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