My sabbath journey lately

I thought you might like to know how my journey of Sabbath rest is coming along practically. The last few weeks my Sabbath rest has looked like:

  • Having an hour or two (when my husband watches my daughter) on Saturday to be by myself. During this time (it looks different each week) I might: meditate on a Scripture, reflect on my week and what God has been doing in my life or speaking to me about, have some time listening to music and worshiping, write in my journal, drink some tea or hot chocolate, take pictures or read a book.


  • Go out to eat for our evening meal or make something simple at home.(to have less meal prep and clean up)
  • Have some enjoyable family time. This past weekend my husband, daughter and I went to a nearby park and sat by the river. My daughter played in the sand and we sat and enjoyed the sunshine and God’s beautiful creation. It was lovely weather and very refreshing to be outside.


My weekly time of rest has been something I’ve had to schedule into my life and make happen (with my husband’s help). I am still trying to figure out how to practically have a whole day of rest that includes some time a lone with God as well as restful time with my family. It may not look like I hoped or expected yet…but it is more intentional rest than I’ve had in my life for some time. I can see results in my heart and I am encouraged by the additional focused time with God each week.  It is a work in progress and I am learning along side of you. 🙂

Are you learning to slow down and rest? If so, what has been a restful practice for you?



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