Work & Rest by Tim Keller

This is an excellent sermon on Sabbath Rest by Tim Keller.

Main Points about Sabbath Rest from this sermon:

Why do we need it?

Trends in our culture:

  1. Jobs are insecure
  2. Everyone is overworked
  3. Technology – you can work anywhere so you work everywhere
  4. We find our meaning through our jobs

These trends show that we are desperately in need of rest but have little time for it, and that we emotionally have less ability to rest.

Where do we get it?

Jesus says he is the Lord of the Sabbath (Luke 6:5), only He can give the deep rest of the soul you need. (Matthew 11:28-30)

Through receiving Christ you can rest on his finished work – not on yours.

The work under our work is our need to prove ourselves to ourselves and to others – this is extremely tiring. This work is finished in Jesus, the only one we would ever really need to prove ourselves to- and he looks at us and says it is good, it is finished. Through Jesus we don’t have to strive to prove ourselves, therefore we can find true rest.

How to practice it:

If you have found the deep rest of Jesus, then you can turn to this point of how to practice Sabbath rest.

Through Inner Disciplines:

  • Sabbath is an act of liberation (Duet 15) Say to your soul: I am not a slave, my work doesn’t define me, Christ defines me.
  • Sabbath is an act of trust. You are not God, He is.

Through External Disciplines:

  1. Take more Sabbath time
  2. Balance your Sabbath time with avocational (things you wouldn’t normally do in your week), contemplative (worship), and the inactive (just being still).
  3. Be accountable for Sabbath time
  4. Inject Sabbath time into your work (don’t allow getting up the ladder to be your main goal if it keeps you from following Christ in Sabbath rest, then make your priority to follow Christ)
  5. Community – discuss with others how to not get overwhelmed with work, and how to do leisure.


Even though I have given you a bunch of the notes from this sermon, I still highly recommend listening to it if you are wanting to grow in knowledge about and practice of Sabbath rest.

I was greatly encouraged by this message. It is such a relief and a joy to be reminded that I don’t have to prove myself to anyone by my work or actions. Jesus says in Him I am free, I am not a slave. I have been redeemed, forgiven, made righteous through the righteousness of Jesus! (2 Corinthians 5:21)  This is the place I can find true rest, and out of that rest I can worship, relax and enjoy leisure activities on the Sabbath.

What point from this message stood out to you? 



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